The Democrats Destroyed Their Own Argument for More Impeachment Witnesses and Evidence

Posted by on January 22, 2020 3:37 pm
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Last year, Democrats rushed through the impeachment hearings because they claimed the evidence was overwhelming and impeachment had to be done immediately. Today, they’re bellyaching about the need for more witnesses and evidence in order for there to be a fair trial.

This is, of course, after the Democrats didn’t allow the president any of his own witnesses during the House impeachment inquiry, and chose not to subpoena more witnesses in favor of getting the vote to impeach over with, so, as Nancy Pelosi has said, President Trump would be “impeached for life.”

As White House counsel Pat Cippollone noted Tuesday, the Democrats destroyed their own argument that more witnesses and evidence are needed to have “a fair trial”

“By the way, I was surprised to hear that — did you realize, you’re on trial? Mr. Nadler is putting you on trial. everybody’s on trial except for them. It’s ridiculous. It’s ridiculous. They said in their brief ‘we have overwhelming evidence and they’re afraid to make their case,’” Cippollone said.“‘Overwhelming evidence to impeach the president of the United States.’ And then they come here on the first day and they say, ‘You know what? We need some more evidence.’”

It’s absurd that Democrats claim they have overwhelming evidence and then argue we need more evidence. If they think there isn’t enough evidence at this point, then how can they justify their vote to impeach? Are they admitting they voted to impeach without enough evidence?

Their current narrative about the need for more evidence undermines the legitimacy of their vote to impeach. Of course, this isn’t all that surprising. They’ve been throwing out all kinds of allegations waiting for something to stick. They’ve been calling for impeachment from day one,

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