Ohio Town Rolls Out Red Carpet for Homeless. Is Shocked When Stream of Homeless Show Up

Posted by on January 9, 2020 12:50 am
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They just wanted to do the right thing. The small town of Middletown, Ohio, a town of 49,000 people, has opened all manner of homeless services. There is everything from soup kitchens and shelters that allow you to be high and drunk to rehab facilities to sober up.

And that’s the problem. You can come to Middletown to stay drunk and high and get three hots and a cot without having to do much.

Now the homeless are swamping the town. Residents who call Middletown home are shocked that “about 75%” of the homeless are from someplace else, according to the former police chief.

Of course they are.

A couple of years ago I checked out the tent city on the grounds of the Orange County, Calif., courthouse. I approached a woman wearing an official-looking neon-colored vest and asked her what her job was. She was paid by the county to connect homeless people with services. Then I asked her what the homeless were doing there. To my shock, she honestly answered the question. She told me that most of the people there got government checks and would rather spend them on drugs than rent.

That encampment is now gone. The courthouse grounds look like an abandoned prison yard with chain-linked fences erected in an effort to keep the homeless from re-establishing the tent city.

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