UK Spends $2 Million on Electric Cop Cars, Discovers They’re Useless for Pursuit

Posted by on December 28, 2019 9:48 pm
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The United Kingdom’s experiment with electric police vehicles has seemingly ended in failure after the cars have been revealed to be practically useless for crucial law enforcement activities.

As the U.K. Daily Mail reported, hundreds of the vehicles have been purchased across the country by different police forces.

The total cost of the green vehicles is almost £1.5 million — nearly $2 million in American currency.

While electric cars have their merits, the technology simply isn’t there for the vehicles to serve as regular parts of police fleets. Despite this, U.K. police forces have fielded over 400 of the green machines.

The cars come from different manufacturers, including BMW and Nissan.

The vehicles’ range is a central issue as well.

The battery reserves of the cars, which already take an inconveniently long time to charge, can’t even make it through a single shift without the need to be plugged back in.

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