MSNBC Guest Business Insider Columnist Linette Lopez Says Many Evangelicals Show ‘Full Loyalty to the President and Not to God’

Posted by on December 24, 2019 1:21 am
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An MSNBC guest told Craig Melvin this morning that evangelical Christian supporters of President Donald Trump are often more faithful to the president than to religious teaching.

Business Insider columnist Linette Lopez was speaking with Melvin on MSNBC Live on Monday morning, where they were discussing a Christianity Today editorial that called for the removal of Trump from office and the backlash it received from Trump supporters.

“It’s taken three years for an evangelical magazine to distance itself from a president who has said some things that do not align with the teachings of Jesus Christ, who has done some things that arguably do not align themselves with the teachings of Jesus Christ. What do you think is behind this sudden breakup, if you will?” Melvin asked

“Evangelical political activity has not always been in line with the teachings of Jesus Christ,” she said. “And, you know, so it’s quite possible this is an awakening because there are Christians who is see the full loyalty of evangelical Christians – they’re giving their full loyalty to the president and not to God.”

“A lot of Trump supporters, they’re performing for Trump. They say whatever Trump wants to say. Trump has their full loyalty,” Lopez continued, going on to explain the history of political participation from evangelical Americans. “Trump is not in line with the teachings of Jesus Christ.”

“It seems like evangelicals who support Trump want to punish their enemies. They’re thinking about an old testament God, a God who uplifts them and it isn’t necessarily a very Christ-like feeling,” she said.

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