Eric Holder and Wapo threaten U.S. Attorney John Durham for looking into spygate

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Eric Holder and Wapo threaten U.S. Attorney John Durham for looking into spygate

We’ve all heard the joke. A thuggish looking guy walks into a business he is trying to shakedown and says, “Nice little store you have here. It’d be a shame if something happened to it.” Wink, wink. The message is crystal clear; do what the bully wants or else something really bad is going to happen.

This scene has now played out in real life. In a so-called “news” article in the Washington Post recently, “Experts fear Durham’s Reputation at Risk in FBI Probe,” the newsletter for the deep state openly threatened U.S. Attorney John Durham who is looking into abuses by intelligence agencies and the Justice Department in launching the bogus witch hunt against President Donald Trump under false allegations that he and his campaign were Russian agents.

With zero news in the article, with nothing more than opinion, conjecture and rumor, the writers assert that Mr. Durham is risking “his reputation” by pressing the matter of criminality inside the FBI and the Department of Justice.

The writers — I refuse to call them “reporters” — use no less a voice than former Attorney General Eric Holder to make their point. This is the same Eric Holder who was found to be in contempt of Congress. The same Eric Holder who let people die and then walked away in his failed guns to terrorist scam Fast and Furious. And, the same Eric Holder who twisted the law in outright contortions to defend the unconstitutional actions of the Obama regime.

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