The Democrats Just Impeached Themselves, the Giant has Awoken

Posted by on December 19, 2019 1:43 am
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Mark this day on your calendar. It is the day that the Democratic Party sealed its fate for a generation becoming a minority party for years to come. After dancing in the dark near a cliff, they finally took one tantrum-two-step too far. It’s going to be a hard landing.

In 2016, a sleeping giant awoke but instead of respecting the giant, they’ve been chasing after the giant’s liberator. Now it is fully awake and starting to stand. You might just say it’s woke and it’s angry…very angry. This giant, the American people, have had enough. For some time now, they’ve been rubbing their eyes, slowly coming out of a deep slumber but now, they’re starting to see very clearly the menace that is before them. This menace has kept them tied down for too long now. It has been harassing the giant for years, but the giant was asleep and unaware of the noise that was around him. Now he realizes that the lullabies he thought he was hearing are the very thing that has been giving him nightmares and keeping him restrained.

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